The majority of my art shows have been about my “Internal Images” or “Painted Poems” following the edge of my imagination.


Salvador Llort was born on October 23, 1943, in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. He graduated from high school in 1963 at Liceo Salvadoreño Maristas Brothers. He received drawing and painting classes from 1959 to 1963 with MasterJosé Mejía Vides at the Dirección General de Bellas Artes and also with Master Ricardo Rivera. In 1964 he travelled to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the United States of America to study Architecture. He changed careers and graduated from the School of Business Administration in 1967. He is a founding member of the Plastic Arts Association of El Salvador (ADAPES), and a member of the GRUPO TEA ESCULTURA of El Salvador and of Voluntarios Por el Arte (VOL.ARTE).

He has participated in 28 individual exhibitions in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Miami. He was also part of 84 collective painting and engraving exhibitions in El Salvador, Guatemala, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and France, since 1964. He also participated in 20 sculpture collective exhibitions. He exhibited his works in more than 132 exhibitions up to 2016. Among the most important we can mention the following: the XII Sao Paulo Brazil Biennale, 1973; II Plastic Arts Biennale of Central America (Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador, 1979; 100 years of Painting Masterpieces in El Salvador (National Exhibition Hall, 1986); Beyond the Volcanoes at the Mission Cultural Center in San Francisco California, 1992; 50 years of Plastic Arts in El Salvador, National Exhibition Hall- 2000; Contemporary Salvadoran Artists at the Fernando Durán Hall, Madrid, Spain 2002; Selected for the permanent exhibition of the Art Museum at the CHATEAU DES REAUX, Rue des Réaux Chouzé Sur Loire, France and Japan 2018 and his Retrospective "In the train of life" at the Salarué National Exhibition Hall, 2007.

His paintings are exhibited in several private collections and museums such as: Salarrué National Exhibion Hall, San Salvador, C.A.; Art Museum of El Salvador - MARTE; MUSEO FORMA - San Salvador; David J. Guzmán National Anthropology Museum- MUNA, San Salvador; Museum of Painting Masterpieces, Theater in Ruins of Suchitoto, El Salvador; Museum of Chateau Des Reaux, France. He has received several Special Recognitions as "Distinguished Salvadoran Painter" Honor Distinction granted by the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador on April 26, 2008; Tribute paid to Master Salvador Llort "Time stands still" by Alberto Masferrer University, El Salvador - November 2012.